Monday, January 11, 2010

Campos in trouble

Campos looks to be one of the new teams with serious chances of not making the whole 2010 year since they have trouble on raising the necessary budget. The comeback of the Senna name didn't help as much as they hoped in raising big sponsorship money and a few attempts to find new investors haven't produce any resolds yet.
The team is trying to bring a second driver with a good amount of money to help there financial situation. Some of the mention names are young Venezuelan driver Pastor Maldonado or Russia's Vitaly Petrov, both thought to have access to serious funding from their countries but an agreement hasn't be successful yet, a situation that is putting the team's future in doubt.
Inside sources of the Campos chassis builder company Dallara say that the Campos Meta F1 team has been late in paying there bills and Dallara has already slow down the development of the car.

If things go bad for the Spanish outfit Stefan GP is always there to take any available spot since they already bought the Toyota F1 car that was developed for this year and they are waiting for a free position on the grid.

Ecclestone made a prediction a few days ago that Campos and USF1 probably won't make it to the grid. He seems close in being right about now although the rumors about USF1 asking to be absent from the first GP's were denied by the American team.
USF1 also released a new video on there Youtube channel but still many found it not so convincing.

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