Friday, January 8, 2010

No more double diffusers

Formula 1 teams are close to outlawing double diffusers, according to Autosport.

Here’s some of the details:

"AUTOSPORT understands that technical chiefs discussed reducing downforce levels in a meeting of FOTA’s Technical Regulations Working Group (TRWG) late last year, and agreed that the rules should be changed to effectively outlaw double diffusers.

The teams want to create regulations that require the floor to be a continuous section if taken through a longitudinal or lateral plane – which if achieved will get rid of the ’slots’ in the floor that have made the double diffuser concept work.

It is understood that efforts are now being made to sort out the wording of the regulations to ensure that there are no loopholes that will allow anyone to continue using a double diffuser.

Once the wording of the rules has been sorted, it will then be put to the FIA’s official Technical Working Group for ratification prior to going through the channels required for it to get put into the 2011 regulations.

It is estimated that the reduction in downforce caused by the double diffuser ban would result in the cars being slowed by around one second per lap."

I assume that this mean that the voices that said double diffusers DO make overtaking more difficult may have been correct. Is it really all about speed?
For me this looks like a positive step let's hope that they can find something else before 2010 ends that will make it a lot easier to follow a car and put it in 2011 regulations. I wonder what happened to that strange rear wing with a hole in the middle that Max got from some designers of the field?

Anyway why to i have the feeling that if Ross and his heroic team along with smaller players weren't the ones that started the year with double diffusers but some other big team(not covered in red) was the one with the double diffuser, things would have gone differently in those opening season courts?

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