Monday, January 11, 2010

M.Schumacher to test GP2 car

Michael Schumacher will return to action on Tuesday when he tests a GP2 car at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

Reports in the newspapers Blick and Bild reveal that, despite the current F1 testing ban, the FIA has approved the test which will take place between Tuesday and Thursday this week.

M.Schumacher also spend two days at Mercendes F1 HQ in Brackley.
Here is what he said about his visit in his personal website:

"I have been in the factory in Brackley now for two days and spent the time to get to know the engineers and the structures a bit better, and I am extremely positive surprised about how motivated everybody was. This a world champion team but it does not seem to be spoilt by success at all; it seems to be hungry for more instead!

It is important for me to be informed about everything and it was very interesting to get to understand the engineers and their structures and the way they work. I was there already around the time of the signature of the contract and learned a lot, now I have seen much more about the team.

I also was in the Mercedes-factory in Brixworth and I have to say that I am very impressed about the high level you see there. In Brixworth the people seem to be highly motivated as well and I find that encouraging, as it perfectly fits my personal mood. What I also liked was that you hear a lot of people speaking german there. That is nice for once, I am not so much used to that at my work, and I find it quite convenient."

Schumacher also revealed this week that he negotiated his new contract at Mercedes without the help of his long-term manager Willi Weber. In doing so he is expected to have saved around €700,000 (US$1 million) by not paying Weber's usual 10% commission.

"I am now old enough to take care of a few things for myself," Schumacher said, before adding that Weber is still his manager. Weber is believed to be working on personal contract deals that, so far, are estimated to have quadrupled Schumacher's €7 million (US$10 million) retainer from Mercedes.

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